ZOOM Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening treatments are designed to improve the colour of natural teeth without having more invasive and expensive dental treatments such as fillings, veneers and crowns. The chemical process is entirely safe and the colour change is long-lasting with an achievable eight shades lighter.

Naturally a gradual change in tooth colour can be caused by, coffee, tea, tobacco, red wine and natural variation during tooth formation (e.g. fluorosis and antibiotics) and of course AGE. We believe the earlier you start whitening your teeth the whiter they will be during your life.

Even following a meticulous oral care and cleaning routine at home, It’s unavoidable that over time some yellowing or discolouration will occur. To enable you to achieve or recapture a beautiful, alluring, bright smile, we have three levels of whitening available at Lucas Dental, to suit varied budgets, lifestyles and time restrictions.

Our Whitening Package

This package offers a chair side power whitening procedure of 2 hours and involves the construction of custom made whitening trays for you to use at home to top up your whitening and to maintain your smile, with follow up appointments

We use Phillips Zoom technology for our in-chair power whitening. Professional strength gel is applied to the teeth and activated with the Phillips Zoom lamp for immediate results.

While teeth whitening is very effective, each individuals result can differ. Drinking tea, coffee, red wine and smoking during and after your whitening treatment can lessen its effectiveness and longevity of the results you have achieved.

Patient 1 – Before/After Zoom Treatment

Patient 2 – Before/After Zoom Treatment

Patient 3 – Before/After Zoom Treatment

Patient 4 – Before/After Zoom Treatment