icon-tooth-pain Are you in pain?

Dental pain can come in different forms, from sharp short pain to a lingering ache. Sensitive teeth respond to not only hot but cold and sweet.

icon-ortho Orthodontics

We provide a series of Orthodontic Treatments, Individual Patient (IP) appliances and Invisalign.

icon-child Child Dental Benefit

Lucas Dental chooses to Bulk Bill for all services eligible under the Child Dental Benefit Scheme, meaning there is no gap payment for most services including an examination, hygiene appointment, any necessary radiographs and restorations.

icon-hygene Hygiene Care

Hygiene active maintenance is the most important approach to preventative dental care! At Lucas Dental, our strong hygiene focus is ensuring optimal dental health for life.



Using the ZOOM! tooth whitening system, we’re able to lighten your teeth by up to 5-6 shades.

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