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Hygiene FAQ

  • Why does my breath smell?

There are a number of factors leading to ‘Halitosis’ (bad breath). It is caused by a sulphur producing bacteria that live on the tongue to in the throat. Causes of this may be: gum disease, dry mouth, and smoking.

  • Why do my gums always bleed?

The main cause of bleeding gums is bacteria. Bacteria get trapped between teeth and under the gums and causes irritation to the gum and leads to bleeding. The bacteria usually adheres to the tooth and requires professional removal, at home care is also essential in preventing bleeding from occurring.
Bleeding gums can be prevented with regular hygiene appointments and adequate home care (brushing and flossing).

A build-up of mouth bacteria near and in the crevice between your teeth and gums causes gums to become inflamed. This is to try and protect you from an infection making its way into your bloodstream. Gum inflammation is called gingivitis and is the process of this inflammation that makes gums swollen and fragile. They bleed very easily when you eat or brush them. Healthy gums don’t bleed. You need to have the bacteria and bacterial residue removed from the teeth and gum crevice and know how to stop it from returning. Your hygienist can help you with removing the build-up and show you the cleaning techniques to stop your gums bleeding and keeping them healthy.

  • Why is hygiene important?

Ultimately hygiene is important in the prevention of disease. Optimal oral hygiene allows for a healthy mouth.

  • Why do I need regular hygiene service appointment?

We believe having regular hygiene appointments will help to keep your teeth and gums healthy and free from dental health disease such as decay and gum disease. Research is showing a growing number of links between oral health and systemic health and keeping your teeth and gums healthy can also play a role in fighting many other diseases.

  • What is fluoride? What does it do? Do I need it?

Fluoride is a mineral that is found in soil, water and foods. Fluoride is beneficial in remineralisation of dental enamel, thus preventing tooth decay.

  • Why do I need a fluoride treatment- isn't fluoride in the water?

Adelaide tap water does contain a small amount of fluoride; however the fluoride gel we use is more concentrated and more effective for preventing decay. Fluoride is a major strategy for prevention of this type of decay in middle to older aged adults. The fluoride we use is safe and research shows that when applied six monthly it can reduce decay rates by 30%, an excellent and worthwhile preventive measure.

The added concentration that we use in the dental setting is extremely beneficial when applied immediately after the teeth have been thoroughly cleaned as all bacterial layers are removed and the fluoride has an opportunity to penetrate the tooth surface.